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Software Agency

About Particles

We combine technical excellence, a deep understanding of our clients’ business goals, and agile development practices to deliver high-impact products.

Our models of engagement vary; from taking end-to-end responsibility for the successful delivery and ongoing iteration of a defined product, to embedding ourselves within client teams to increase their throughput with our best practices and mentoring.

Our Services

Development - Web and Mobile

Our principal service is the successful delivery of software development projects for responsive web as well as native mobile platforms. Designing and establishing appropriate scalable technical architectures from the outset is key to support the future growth of the business. However, we are careful to focus on just-in-time optimizations rather than overdesigning prematurely.

Agile Coaching and Process Transformation

Our projects follow an iterative agile approach, using a combination of best practices that we have established over years of working with different teams. Naturally, client teams working with us are exposed to our approach; we can also specifically engage with clients to review and improve their internal processes, both on the engineering and product management side.

Product Strategy

The understanding of our client’s vision, the business drivers they want to impact, and a product’s core hypothesis, allows us to advise on approaches to maximize return on investment. This includes a combination of ‘what to build’ and ‘how to release it’ in order to maximize value and most rapidly learn from customer insights.

Dev Ops

An integral part of any technology organisation is the ability to deploy production-ready code quickly and simply. The intersection of Technology Operations and Development - DevOps - is frequently ignored, despite being a significant opportunity for delivery improvement. We pride ourselves on being experts and champions for continuous integration and continuous delivery.